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Design shapes our customs and habits, breathes life into the ordinary, and, at its best, creates tangible impacts out of our shared values.

From the start of my career as a community organizer, I learned how to connect with my community by listening to their stories of change. When I transitioned into digital media and web development, I took the principles of listening, storytelling, and connection and made them the foundation of my design practice. 

Working with established national advocacy organizations and startups just beginning to define themselves, I design for the future my clients believe in.


Taara.Quest's founder has a powerful vision of an interconnected, immersive network of women leaders. Her core values of community and cutting-edge tech meant the visual identity of the site needed to encompass the possibility of a new kind of space, but one built by and for women. 

We took existing logo colors to create a gradient palette and imagery that centered the women experiencing, while adding touches of depth and space to encourage visitors to explore beyond the first page. 

Site Redesign


Blue Background

The National Network to End Domestic Violence

Microsite & E-Learning Site Design

NNEDV's designs need to convey the gravity and import of their mission while refusing to use imagery of violence or desperation - instead, we choose to showcase the possibilit